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Access is supplied with a safety leash for beginners using the Access without a harness

Ozone locking finger supplied with Access

only the best pulleys and lines are used on the speed system no compromise for safety

Carbon Bar with Leashless system plus Wristleash for flying without harness

as a land kiter you need to know you can trust 100% the strenght of your kite

Access 10m

the new chicken loop for Access and Frenzy

Access 3m showing center cell V-Rib1

Access 8m

Access grey/ red/ white/ grey
Photo © Pascal Boulguy

testing in norway
Photo © Pascal Boulguy

When we released the original open celled depower foil in 2002 we started a whole new direction in foil design, the Frenzy has become the benchmark for snowkite design with us leading with innovation and real improvements. We take things to a new level with the introduction of our latest kite the Access. Designed for the winter sports market to make snowkiting accessible by creating a kite that is affordable, but most importantly easy to use, hassle free and fun.

The user-friendly handling makes the Access the ideal tool for skiers or snowboarders looking to use a kite to Access the backcountry powder.

Over one year ago Ozone designers Rob and Tom, friends of Windrider kite school, set out to design the perfect kite to make "accessing" the backcountry powder easy, simple and safe for people new to the sport of kiting. Skiers and boarders that comprehend the incredible potential for using a kite as a tool need a kite that makes heading into the backcountry hassle free and safe. The Access is light, easy to use and packs small making it the perfect tool to add to a backcountry free-riders current equipment.

The kite design was very important, it had to be powerful with fast and direct handling. But most important of all because it will be used to climb slopes or mountains the design had to be safe and simple with as little lift or "Pop" as possible. The Access has loads of low end power, quick handling so you can really work the kite for power when riding in weak or fickle winds and has a tight turn radius to make climbing terrain easier.

The Access user friendly design works just as well with a buggy or land board making the step into depower kiting an obvious option and will be available at Ozone dealers by the 1st week September


Auto stable profile provides rock solid stability

De-power speed system

Simple and easy to launch or land without assistance – Just unwind and GO

Light bar pressure with direct and responsive handling

Carbon bar with Ozone’s legendary leash-less re-ride safety system design giving you 100% peace of mind in an emergency.

Chicken loop with safety release handle

Also Supplied with a safety leash that is easily attached for beginners flying in NON-Depower mode

Highest quality materials with bullet proof re-enforcement

“Butt hole” – Velcro opening in outside cells to allow easy removal of debris

The ACCESS comes ready-to-fly, complete with carbon control bar, leash-less re-ride safety system, 4 x 25m SK75 Dyneema lines, repair kit, detailed manual, stickers, key-ring and innovative cool bag.

SIZES: 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 M

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