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Snowboard Ski Kitesurf Buggy Mountain Board Free Flying

The Access is a de-power foil that is aimed at the entry level to intermediate kiter wanting an affordable de-power foil. This kite is equally at home on snow or land and was designed with ease of use in mind. The user-friendly handling makes the Access the ideal tool for skiers or snowboarders new to kiting that want to use a kite to Access the backcountry powder. The Access is also suited for use in the buggy or on land boards.

A backcountry kite needs to have low lift when the kite is at the zenith (top of wind window) to make climbing vertical terrain safer. The Access is a powerful kite with fast handling, rock solid stability, fool proof safety systems and easy reverse launch for when the kite lands leading edge down.

The Access was designed as an engine to power backcountry adventures in safety, not as a freestyle machine, The Ozone Frenzy still remains as the ultimate freestyle high performance de-power foil.

Who is this kite designed for?

The Access is the perfect kite for beginner to advanced riders wanting an affordable de-power foil that can be used for buggying, land-boarding or snowkiting

Access Manual On Line

Frenzy Manual You can find the full Fury manual on line here. You can read it before you buy to get detailed information on the kite and it's setup.
(If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can download it here)


Access Kite Innovative Bag
Carbon Control Bar Safety Leash
Flying Lines Manual & Safety Notice
Ozone Key Ring Ozone Stickers


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